It’s that time of the year again, when children and adults alike are given the excuse to dress up as wild or as scary as you or they can be.  And if you’re a busy parent, you can sometimes leave things to the last minute.  To avoid tears and tantrums, it’s best to plan these important decisions with your child as early as you can.  And if you’ve left it last minute… again, don’t you worry!  We’ve come up with a list of our favourite costumes for the year 2023.

1. Stay Puff Ghostbuster Costume

Who says babies can’t be dressed up for Halloween? If you want people to open up their doors for you and your kids, then the trick there is to dress them up in these adorable costumes like the Stay Puff Ghostbusters costume.

2.  Fuzzy Bee Costume

And if animals are your thing, be sure to choose this Fuzzy Bee costume for your little one.  We can guarantee that no door will stay closed for you and your children and most importantly, the candies will keep on coming!

3.  Toddler Bubble Body Black Kitty Costume

For those little ankle biters, they will love this Toddler Bubble Body Black Kitty Costume. After all, nothing says Halloween more than a child dressed as a black cat!

4.  Toddler Edward Scissorhands

What parent doesn’t remember the movie Edward Scissorhands from their younger days?  If you love the movie, as much as we do, why not dress them up in this Toddler Edward Scissorhands costume?   This will make them stand out in the crowd of ghosts and witches!

5.  Classic Plague Doctor

As for your older kids, this Classic Plague Doctor will give everyone that dark and mysterious gothic film feel.   

6. Girls CarnEvil Clown Costume

Maybe it is that smile but nothing gives people the creeps more than a clown costume and this Girl CarnEvil Clown Costume will definitely do the trick!

7.  Tween Miss Reaper Costume

Who says the Grim Reapers is a he? Not necessarily, this Grim Reaper costume is as good as for girl as it is for boys. 

8.  Kids Fortnite Ronin Costume

This is one that will help keep the older kids engaged in Halloween.  If your child is a gamer, they won’t be able to resist dressing up as their favorite Fortnite character, Ronin. 

9.  Living Dead Costume

And of course, Halloween isn’t complete without a zombie costume.  An old favourite with which everyone can identify and has the added advantage of letting you do that stiff-legged Zombie ‘walk’ up your neighbours path.

10.  Girls Roller Blade Barbie Costume

Lastly, what girl will say no to a Barbie costume?  Just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean it has to be scary right?  Why not pay homage instead to the 2023 iconic Greta Gerwig Barbie movie?  Leave the scary movies behind, that is so last year!

Seriously though, when it comes to children’s Halloween costumes, it shouldn’t be really about you.  It should be about what your kids want to wear.  Let them be wild and have fun with these Halloween Costume ideas.