For a lot of us, carving pumpkins is part of our family tradition.  But are you tired of having to clean up your messy and icky kitchen right after a pumpkin massacre?  Or picking up rotting, decaying pumpkins to throw away after Halloween?  If you’re wondering if there’s another way to decorate pumpkins without butchering them – there certainly is!

You can definitely still have fun with your children, decorating pumpkins without having to clean up that icky mess. 

Here are our Top Ten No Carve Pumpkin Decor Ideas

1.  Painted Pumpkins

Painting pumpkins is a fun activity you can do with your kids.  You can use spray paint or acrylic and be as wild as you want when choosing your design.  You can have pumpkins with stripes, polka dots, flowers, animals, any design you or your kids wish.

2.  Pumpkin Mummy

For those with younger kids, this will definitely make them giggle.  Decorate a pumpkin like a mummy!  All you’ll need is a roll of gauze and some googly eyes.  Why make one when you can make a whole family of pumpkin mummies!

3.  Pumpkin Decals

If you don’t have much time to decorate pumpkins, using decals you can order online might just be the activity for you.  You can choose scary or funny faces to use on your pumpkins.  You can also have them custom made with words like “Happy Halloween” or just with your names on it.

4.  Googly Eyes

Decorate a couple of pumpkins with left-over googly eyes from your craft box.  It will make all your guests feel as if someone is always watching them!

5.  Glow in the dark Pumpkins

Make your porch stand out this this year by using glow in the dark paint to decorate your front pumpkins.  This will give your porch that “eerie feel”.

5.  Felt Emoji Pumpkins

If scary decorations is not your thing and want something friendlier instead.  Use felt to make smiley faces or any other emoji face that will suit you and your little ones.

6.  Jazz up your Pumpkins

Planning a disco party at your house?  Then jazzing up your pumpkins will all kinds of glitter and sequins will be the best decoration for you.

7.  Melted Wax Pumpkins

Raid your children’s crayons and use up all their yellows and orange crayons.  You can melt them in a fun and creative way to decorate your pumpkins.  Just make sure they dry well before your kids can touch them.

8.  Stranger Things Pumpkins

Who isn’t a fan of Stranger Things?  Wrap your pumpkins up with coloured string lights.  People will know you’re a fan of the show once they see them on your front door.

9.  Monster Lollipop Eyes

Wrap your lollipops with orange tissue paper and stick them on to the head of your pumpkins.  Use black felt paper for the mouth and et viola, a monster with lollipop eyes.  You can offer the lollipops to the kids who will ring your doorbell.

10. Nailhead Trim

And lastly use nails to decorate your pumpkins. But not just any sort of nais, use nailhead trims to decorate your pumpkins with any design you wish.  Be as creative as you can. You will nail that design!

Have fun with these ideas, while it will still leave your kitchen a big mess, at least, it won’t be a sticky, icky mess and most importantly, this kind of mess can be vacuumed up!