Who doesn’t love fall?  I certainly do.  In fact, apart from Christmas it’s probably my next favourite season.  What’s not to love?  I love the way the leaves change from greens, then browns, then the loveliest shade of golds.  I also love the change of temperature.  Not too cold, and yet cold enough to wear lovely chunky knits and boots. Most of all, however,I adore fall decorations and what better way to celebrate the coming of fall by decorating your front porch? 

If like me, you think this is a fab idea, why not relax and take a sip of your favourite pumpkin spice latte – or any of your preferred favourite fall concoction, whether it’s a lovely herbal tea or hot chocolate – and have a read.

1. Fall inspired Wreath

Why not decorate your front door with a fall inspired wreath?  Wreaths are not just for Christmas.  You can actually have a season inspired wreath all year-round.  And fall is definitely a season to decorate your front door with a beautiful inspired fall wreath made up of faux leaves with different shades of brown and gold, interspersed with twigs or dried fruit like apples or oranges.

2.  Faux Falling Leaves Garland

I love garlands.  Like wreaths, you can also have season inspired garland decorations around your house year-round.  You can buy faux leaves to decorate your door, or just like wreaths, have the joy of making your own by using dried twigs, orange and apple slices.  You can frame your door with this lovely fall inspired garland and even the rails of your stairs, if your porch has them. 

3.  Potted Plants

Plant seasonal blooms in terracotta pots (perfect for your fall inspired porch decorations).  Choose plants with orange, brown and maybe golden blooms.

4.  Porch Furniture

And if you’re lucky enough to have a porch that’s big enough to have a few pieces such as a rocking chair or a love-seat, you can decorate them with a lot of fall-inspired pillows with fall decorations. Look for ones that have leaves, and pumpkins with orange, brown,  and grey colours. Blankets or throws are also a good accessory to decorate porch furniture (but take them in at night before the dew falls!).

5. Scarecrow by the Door

Make your own DIY scarecrow and arrange it by your door.  You can either have one big scarecrow or two medium sized one on each side of your door. 

6.  Organised Clutter

Organise your fall clutter on your porch by using wooden crates, and decorate them with gourds, pumpkins, squash of all colours, shapes and sizes.  You can even monogram your pumpkins with your family’s names.

7.  Faux Fall Inspired Tree

Faux trees shouldn’t just be used for Christmas.  Fall is a perfect excuse to use them too!  Decorate your porch with two small fall inspired tree and decorate them with lights, pinecones, dried fruit and faux pumpkins.  Use your imagination and go mild or wild!

8. Farm Themed Porch

You can also give your porch a farm or country feel, using cornstalks and vintage wagon carts, filled with fall inspired decorations mentioned above.

9. All is Bright!

They’re not just for Christmas!  Add a warm glow to your home by brightening up your porch with as many miniature lights as you want.  You can also use big lantern, faux candles to light your porch without worrying about setting your house on fire.

10. And of course, you can’t talk about fall without Halloween

But maybe go subtle on the halloween decorations at the beginning of fall.  And only go fully blast, once it’s the last week of October. 

Remember, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go simple, with a few fall decorations up on your porch, maybe a wreath and some garlands and lights.  Then again, if you want to be bold and do everything mentioned above.  Why not?  It’s really up to you isn’t it?  Happy Fall decorating!