5 Ways Your Body is Telling You That it Needs More Water

Obviously drinking water is essential.  We’re not here to tell you that.  What we ARE here to do is to show you ways that your body might be sending signals that it needs MORE water.  If you aren’t a major fan of drinking plain water, you can always add fruit or mint to add a bit of healthy flavor or opt for a herbal tea.

1. Headache That Won't Go Away

Do you have a headache that won’t go away with a pain reliever?  Try having a glass of water or a glass of herbal tea.  I’ve found myself so many times with a headache that WILL NOT go away and half the time, it’s because I needed water!  Why?  Dehydration causes your blood to thicken, which means less oxygen is getting to your brain.

2. Fatigue

If you find yourself feeling super tired, especially in the afternoon, try having an herbal tea or a glass of water before you chug down another latte.  Many times, the fatigue you are experiencing is due to dehydration.  Getting some non-caffiene fluids in you will help you make it to clock-out time.

3. Dark, Neon Urine

Are you peeing out very dark, neon looking urine?  You need more fluids!  When you go pee, your urine should be almost clear.  If it’s not, you need to increase your fluid intake either by drinking more water, tea, or low-sugar juice.

4. Dry Skin & Breakouts

If you are someone who slaps on toners, serums, and peels, I hope water is also on your skin guide!  Drinking the appropriate amount of water is key to keeping skin in good condition.  If y0u find your skin is dry and you are moisturizing regularly, you might want to up your water intake to see if that makes a difference.  Same goes for pimple or acne breakouts.  Drinking enough water is super important for helping to keep your skin clear.

5. Cravings for Salt

Do you find yourself having unbearable cravings for chips, nuts, or other salted snacks?  Try having a glass of water or a herbal tea first, and then see if you are still craving them after half an hour.  Many times we have those cravings, it’s actually our body craving the “good sodium” to control your electrolytes.