What is Freecycle.org?

Most people haven’t heard of this website, but those who have, love it!  Freecycle.org is a website (similar to Craigslist), but it’s people that have items they need to get rid of and they are offering them for free.  Whether you are looking for furniture for your apartment, books to read, clothing, or laptops, you can find it here. 

You can search by city and you’ll see people posting with either Offers or Wanted – Offers are people that have free items that they want to get rid of, and Wanted is users posting with things they need free of charge.  If you have things lying around your home that you’ve been trying to sell for a while, you might want to think about posting them here.

To start reaching out to users with items available, you need to sign up here and then you can join the group for your city.  You can then start reaching out to people with items available.