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If you are renting an apartment in a larger city, you likely suffer with a very small kitchen. The lack of counter space, lack of shelves, and lack of room for more than one person can be annoying, but we’ve found some products to help you cope!

Cupboard Shelves

These shelves have been an absolutely life saver for us, we probably have twenty of them in all different styles. They are great because they allow you to double your shelf space, perfect for fitting more dishes or mugs. You can also use them on your counter space.

Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

This can help you save on your counter space! We attached this right below on microwave and above our stove. It’s super easy to install and still allows easy access to your paper towel.

Wall Mounted Fruit Basket

Rather than having a big fruit bowel taking up your counter space, get one of these cute “fruit hammocks” to hold your fruit, and save your precious counter space!

Cupboard Organizers

This is one area that most people don’t utilize in the best possible way. For example, on low cupboard doors (below the counter) you can attach products that will help you store cutting boards and pans. On higher up cupboards, you can store measuring spoons or spices. Below is a mountable spice rack that would allow you to attach it to a cupboard and store all your spices there, so you don’t have to take up valuable shelf or counter space.

Under Shelf Baskets

These are great for storing ziplock boxes, tinfoil boxes, fruits, bread, and more! They allow you to save both shelf and counter space, and are very easy to install.

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