Finding the best at-home gym equipment takes time and effort. The equipment must be compact, easy to handle, maintain, and still deliver good results. To help you find the essentials to create your own mini home gym, we are listing out some of our favorite workout items that are durable, functional, and efficient products from some of our favorite brands. Continue reading to learn more!

Resistance 90 from Stroops

Looking for a portable resistance training system? In that case, you need to pick this one. Resistance 90 is a dual-handle slastix that you can use alone or with the collapsible bar. The kit includes a Spine Strap or a foam door anchor, allowing you to work out without discomfort. Resistance 90 makes a full-body workout in your house accessible and achievable. Its aesthetic look makes it perfect for adding to your home gym. Get it from Stroops today.

Kettlebells from Onnit

This at-home exercise gear is portable, convenient to store, and great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Onnit provides you with kettlebells of different weights. They are instant calorie burners and are an excellent investment since they are easy to store.

Yoga Mat from Manduka

The yoga mat by Manduka is a blessing for the yogis. It’s a dual-sided mat that allows you to customize your practice. The top side encourages superior grip, allowing you to accomplish some difficult yoga poses safely. On the other hand, the bottom side has a cushion-like feel that makes meditation more enjoyable and cozy. 

Its closed-cell material seals out bacteria and moisture. You can also easily clean it with any soft cloth to keep your mat new and shiny. Its appealing color and design add a classy look to your workout corner in your house. 

Theragun Mini from Therabody

Theragun is a breakthrough technology that is quickly gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. Theragun Mini is an at-home massage that releases tension in your body without adding extra stress to your wallet.

It helps relieve body aches and helps with a speedy recovery from injury. The product also comes with three attachments, a thumb, a standard ball, and a dampener so that you can get maximum comfort based on your needs. It has 120-minute battery life, and the best part is that it’s so compact you can carry it anywhere, even when traveling. 

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell at Walmart

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells can help you change 5 lbs and get 52.5 lbs by turning a dial. People with limited space or those seeking to update their home gym without investing in a whole rack of dumbbells will find them very appealing. 

You can replace  15 pairs of weights to save space. It is designed with superior grips and molding around the plates to optimize comfort. They are easy to adjust using a built-in dial. You don’t need to pick up various dumbbells for a fun workout. It is excellent for full-body exercises like pilates, yoga, or bodyweight exercises. You can purchase this gear from Walmart for a reasonable price.