Let’s be honest, the days of going all-natural are long behind us, and in are the days of being nicely trimmed :). For women, this has  been a constant battle for decades.  Should you wax, epilate, laser, or shave?  Each of these options comes with their own issues from razor burn, to increased costs, to ingrown hairs.  That’s why one option  that is becoming much more common is going back to the classic trimmer.  A trimmer allows you to shave very close to the skin if you prefer to be completely shaved, or slightly further away allowing you to get a nice clean trim without  going right down to the skin.In the last few years, so many different brands of trimmers have come out, it’s difficult to tell which one is best. So we thought we would highlight our favourite, Meridian Grooming.

Meridian Grooming specialises in producing high quality trimmers designed for both men and women.  They also have a great deal on right now where you can get 15% off with code GIFT15 now through December 27th! Here are just a few of their most popular products available right now.

The Starter Kit

Their Starter Kit Package allows  you to get a trimmer plus a replacement.  This is your main tool for maintaining a nice trim without any painful cuts, razor burn, or bumps.  The trimmer features a guide comb which allows you to choose your length.  It’s also fully waterproof which means you can use it in the shower or out.  The trimmer has a battery lifetime of 90 minutes on a full charge, which allows you to get many different trims out of just  one charge.  You will also only have to replace the blades once every three months.

The Travel Kit

The Travel Package features everything the first package has, along with a black travel case  that allows you to safely travel with the trimmer or just easily store it at home.  The travel case you’ll receive is made with water-proof material on the outside.  The outside material is polycarbonate for added  protection.  It’s also shock proof to protect the trimmer when it’s inside.  The trimmer you’ll receive is the classic Meridan trimmer with two guide combs.  This trimmer is water resistant and also holds 90 minutes of charge.

The Trimmer Plus

The Trimmer Plus is the trimmer for you then.  The Trimmer Plus is made with a single detachable trimming guard to protect your skin.  It also features five different lengths, so it gives you more options for trim length.  It also has a built in light which allows you to trim in those…err…harder to see places :).  This trimmer also comes with a charging dock for each charging and storing.

Don’t want to purchase a whole package?  No problem, you can easily just purchase the trimmer, the travel bag, replacement parts, and more at MeridianGrooming.com.