Top 5 Cutest Face Masks

When I initially started wearing a mask a few months ago, I was wearing disposal ones and changing them each time I had to leave the house.  Unfortunately this is horrible for the environment and the classic surgical blue mask was starting to get pretty boring, so we’ve scoured the web and found the cutest face masks available that are still affordable!  They are SO much better for the environment and they are very easy to wash and dry.

This face mask is soft and breathable and fits all with it’s tie-back closure.  It’s made with cotton and polyester

This water color design is super cute!  It’s made from 400-thread count cotton for extra breathability and have rounded woven ear loops.

This is my favorite mask that I’ve found so far!  It’s made with a mix of cotton and linen for breathability and it’s got a nice added touch of leather ear loops with a bead in the back to tighten it.

This adorable masks are made with authentic African mudcloth pillow cover.  Each mask is completely custom made.  

This mask is produced in a 100% environmentally friendly way and in fair-trade practices.  They are made in Australia by indigenous artists.