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With everything going on in the world today, the one thing we are trying to avoid is having to leave our home! With all the different ways that we can get food and necessities delivered to our home these days, it’s thankfully easy to stay inside. Here are some of our favorite ways to help you get all the necessities you need while not having to leave your cozy home.

Sign Up for a Meal Delivery Service

Find yourself running out of produce and other ingredients to make a good meal? There’s no better alternative than signing up for a meal plan subscription service. These subscription services are awesome! Not only are they delivered right to your door, but they are also perfect for couples, singles, and families! One of our favorite meal plan subscription services is Freshly! Click here to check out their plans.

Utilize Grocery Delivery Services

Although we’re seeing these get busier, they are still available. Amazon, Whole Foods, and other local grocers do have a delivery service option, sometimes they are free if you spend over a certain amount or they have a small delivery fee. The convenience of not having to leave your house might be worth the small delivery fee.

Sign up for a Meal Kit Subscription Plan

This option is very similar to the first option, but adds in a little more effort from you. There are multiple subscription services that will delivery all the ingredients needed for your meal – you tell them the number of people eating, anything you are allergic to or don’t like to eat, and they will send you different recipes with the exact amount of ingredients needed to make the meal, so no wasted ingredients! One of our favorite services is HelloFresh.


Anddd this is my personal favorite – Postmates!  Since I’ve been stuck in quarantine, the only real “treat” that I feel like I can give myself is food delivered.  No cooking necessary, you get to support your local restaurants, and you can make it a little date night!  Feeling like Pizza?  Wine?  Ice Cream?  Whatever you want, they have it – click the banner below to place your order!