Advent calendars are a concept that can be traced back to the 18th century, with the first calendar being made in the 1900s by a German-born citizen by the name of Gerhard Lang.  However, after the second world war, Gerhard’s business was closed down; it was soon forbidden to produce or sell them.  Instead, they invented their own version of advent calendars which consisted of a pamphlet that included images depicting tanks being blown up.  It was during the 1950s when Sellmer took up the responsibility to commercially produce and sell advent calendars, and that is how they began being sold in the United States. 

Let us discuss this in a bit more detail to understand what precisely an advent calendar is, and we have also compiled a list of some of the best calendars you can get just in time for Christmas.

Top 5 Advent Calendars

As discussed previously, advent calendars now come in a vast library of different varieties. Due to this, choosing the right advent calendar can sometimes become overwhelming, and a tricky ordeal.  However, we have compiled a list of some great advent calendars you should keep an eye out for, just in time for Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas Whimsical Advent Calendar

It is a well-known fact that cookies are considered the best treat to have at Christmas, and this is due to a few reasons.

The ongoing tradition of how cookies became a necessity during Christmas can be traced back to 1796 when it was recorded that the first ever American cookbook was published.

In that cookbook, the author, Amelia Simmons included a recipe titled “Christmas Cookery” and this is where the concept of Christmas cookies began.

Nowadays, cookies have become a treat found in almost every household during the holidays, making this the best calendar for yourself, or as a gift to offer to your loved ones as well.

This whimsical calendar has a great design and contains delicious cookies for you to enjoy as you inch closer to Christmas.

Wine Advent Calendar

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that has centuries of historical importance behind it, and it holds significance when it comes to celebrating Christmas as well.

The importance of wine can be traced back to the time of the late-roman republic when they used to consume wine as a part of their celebration.

This was because people thought was an effective tradition as a way to ward off any type of winter illnesses, which is another reason why it became associated with the December celebrations.

Due to this, wine is one of the best gifts you can offer someone for the Christmas holidays, and an advent calendar is an excellent present for your loved ones, or for yourself.

12-Day Advent Calendar

When it comes to creating ambiance and a great atmosphere in your home, using scented candles is one of the best ways to do so.

In addition to that, scented candles now come in a vast variety of different fragrances, each of them unique in its own right, each of them adding a specific flavor to the environment.

Due to this, gifting your loved one or getting a scented calendar for yourself is something you can do this Christmas.

Every day your home will give out different fragrances, offering something unique for your home each day, making this the best gift for your family or yourself this Christmas.

Nespresso | Pierre Hermé Advent Calendar

Coffee is everyone’s best friend, whether you are an adult needing your daily dose of energy or a teenager needing that kick to help you gear up for that difficult assessment.

This makes Nespresso’s advent calendar the best gift for Christmas, which consists of a limited edition collection co-created in collaboration with a world-renowned chocolatier.

Best of L’Occitane Skincare Advent Calendar

A lot of people want to look their best in time for Christmas, and one considerable thing they work on during this time is their skincare routine. 

This advent calendar is the best gift for anyone with a complex skincare routine or someone interested in beauty products because it contains 24 irresistible beauty care products carefully crafted for you.