Does someone close to you like firearms and is a gun enthusiast? If you want something exciting and intriguing, we recommend checking out our list of hand-selected gifts for gun enthusiasts from Optics Planet

Picking a gift for a gun enthusiast can be very difficult. They are usually very particular about exactly what they want. Without knowing the right choices or brands for your gift, there’s a chance you might buy the wrong things for them, but luckily Optics Planet has free returns, so if your recipient doesn’t love the gift you got them, they can easily return it.

We will try our best to help you pick the best gift for your friend, father, significant other, or family member. Don’t find what you want on this list? Shop more from Optics Planet here.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition

The first gift on our list is the ATN X-Sight 4k Pro, one of the finest products Optics Planet offers. The gun sight has dimensions of 5-20x70mm, with an intelligent Smart HD 30mm Tube design.

 With this sight in their hand, they can make their shooting and hunting days memorable, whether day or night. The Rifle Scope is up to 11% off and could be the perfect gift. It also has free shipping, so we recommend getting it today!

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

Nothing makes a gun enthusiast’s day better than a tactical range-ready bag. Your loved one can stock up on their bullets, safety gear, and all other essentials in the bag and take it to their shooting range. 

The tactical range-ready bag is available in two colors – black and sandstorm, making it one of the best gift choices. You can get up to $10.00 off and free shipping.

Troy Modular Combat Grip

Have you ever seen your loved ones struggling with their aim in the range? A Modular Combat Grip by Troy could be the perfect option for them. The firearm grip provides gun users with added stability. 

You can purchase the combat grip in Flat Earth and the standard Black color to complete their firearm set. It’ll be the one-time investment a gun enthusiast could need. 

ATN X-Sound Hearing Protector

Shooting firearms can be fun, but you should also ensure your safety while trying your firearms out—one of the best options for a loved one’s auditory safety is having electronic earmuffs. The hearing protectors are designed with Bluetooth and are one of the best sellers at Optics Planet

They are readily available in a fun and tactical Camo color. These hearing protectors cover you with an NRR rating of 22 dB. There’s free shipping, so its cost isn’t going to be a big problem easier.

Vortex Sport Cantilever Rifle Scope Ring Mount

Accuracy is one of the most crucial elements of a good shooting experience. If you want your loved ones to have an eagle-sharp aim and hit the bull’s eye, even in long range, the vortex sports rifle scope mount is the best option for you. 

It is available in two different models and is up to 34% off for your loved ones. Its size is 30mm, making it perfect for prolonged shooting. 

MTM Tactical Mag Can

A mag can is one of the most unique yet essential must-haves for gun enthusiasts. MTM Tactical mag can offer the capacity to store up to 30 rounds in a single go. 

It’s the perfect gift for hunters and shooting range enthusiasts that love sharpening their shooting skills. The mag can is available in Dark Earth Color and is currently $1.25 off. With the mag can, you’ll carry more rounds than you ever could!

VISM Double Carbine Gun Case

No one wants to carry their favorite firearm in their hands all the time or put it on the ground while storing it. A gun case can be the perfect gift for people who love firearms.  

With the VISM double carbine gun case, you can make gun shooting and carrying more fun. The gun case is available in a variety of colors to make your experience better.

Howard Leight Lightweight Genesis

Guns can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, but protective gear makes them better. A protective eyepiece could be a perfect gift if your loved ones use their firearms regularly.   

The Howard Leight Lightweight Genesis is the perfect eye protection gear for precise and safer shooting. It’s available in three different colors and can make your experience better. Thus, You can buy it in clear, vermillion, and amber shades.


Loading your firearm at the right pace can make you win a competitive shooting round. If your loved ones are slowing down because of reloading problems, PODVACH A-15 and AK U-Loader could be the perfect solution. 

It lets users refill their magazines quicker and resume shooting. It’s 25% off and is available in 3 different models, so get yours today!

Vortex Red Dot Sight

The Vortex red dot sight comes in compact 1x24mm dimensions.   The red dot sight is super easy to add to the firearm and boosts accuracy. The Vortex red dot sight is available in various colors like FDE Black and FDE Cerakote and comes with a battery for support.