Its summertime! It is also the perfect time for you to spend your day outside at the beach, the pool, or at a party.

And do you know what else goes alongside those summer hot days? Cocktails! Whether you decide to go outside to

enjoy the sun or prefer to stay home with friends, cocktails will always set the mood for everyone. Here are the top 5

best cocktails for your summer!

Rosemary Greyhound Drink

The combination of the sweet and savory rosemary simple syrup and the tart grapefruit juice is incredible.

You should also garnish the cocktail with a rosemary sprig. It adds a wonderful smell to the cocktail with each sip.

Fiore Spritz Drink

If you want to relax at home and go to bed early,

then the Fiore Spritz might be the perfect

cocktail for you. It has a blazing tint, zesty

aromas, as well as a delicate floral aroma that

will keep you sipping.

Rose Mimosas Hibiscus Drink

Rosé Mimosa not only tastes amazing, its easy

to prepare and an excellent choice if you plan a

fancy dinner. Also, Hibiscus leaves are used to

prepare the cocktail. The leaves have beautiful

tints, and a wonderful smell so there is no doubt

you will enjoy preparing this summer cocktail.

Tequila Honey Bee Drink

The sweet and juicy elements of the agave-

forward drink should catch the attention of the

gin-based classics. Just like its name, the

cocktail contains only three ingredients, gin,

lemon juice, and honey. Bitters are applied to the

drink’s surface which adds a splash of color as

well as keeping the aromatic spice notes front

and center.

Hibiscus Arnold Palmer Drink

One of the most iconic summer cocktails is

the hibiscus Arnold palmer drink. This recipe is

the perfect summer blend of tea, lemonade,

and vodka. If you follow the recipe thoroughly

you will have the most refreshing cocktail in

your hand in no time.