When life gives you lemons, make a cocktail! Whether you’re a super skilled mixologist or just a cocktail lover, this list has got you covered. Below are 5 of the best accessories you will need to make a cocktail like no other.  

Outset 12-oz. Cocktail Shaker

This cocktail Shaker by Kolh’s is no ordinary cocktail shaker! It is made of glass and stainless steal and features ounce measurement markings to ensure your cocktails are perfect. It also has 7 classic cocktail recipes written all around, and has a removable top that provides carefree pouring. Say good bye to boring party drinks by grabbing this amazing cocktail shaker for only $29.99.

Japanese-Style Double Sided Cocktail Jigger

Whether you mix your best cocktails at a pub, sports bar, or home bar, this cocktail jigger is sure to add a shot of elegance to any drink! It’s super easy to clean and is made from imported stainless steel that can be easily hand washed. For a limited time only, you can purchase this sophisticated cocktail measuring tool for only $19.99 from Macy’s.

Verve Culture Hand Juicer

Add a refreshing citrus flavor to your cocktails with this easy-to-use hand Juicer. Simple place a half of your fruit in the circular top and squeeze the handles together. This aluminum cocktail essential is 8 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ and is very easy to hand wash. Purchase yours today for only $18 from Nordstrom.

Coupe Cocktail Glass wide

With wide bowl tops and slender stems, these beautiful cocktail glasses are a perfect mixture of graceful and fun! This set contains four glasses, each holding up to 9.7 oz. and is completely dishwasher safe. For a limited time only, Macy’s offer this vital bar set for only $34.99.

Professional Series Bar Strainer

Using a bar strainer will prevent shards of ice, chunky ingredients, and other solids from being poured into your cocktail glass. It can be easily hand washed and is sure to add a professional touch to any cocktail maker’s kit. For as low as $21.99, Macy’s offers you this vital stainless steel bar equipment today.