If 2022 is your year to get or stay fit, then you’ll need the best set of equipment and gears. The right products will not only motivate you to stay on track, but will also help you to reach and maintain your fitness goals. Weather you opt to go to the gym or you decide to workout at home, these are 10 of the best fitness products that you’ll need in 2022.

  1. Revolution 5 Women’s Running Shoe

If you’re thinking of getting the Nike Revolution 5 running shoes, Just Do It! Their soft foam interior, and knit mesh exterior keeps your feet breathable and comfortable; as the reinforced heels provide maximum support. For $64.99, DWS offers you 4 stylish color combos: black, black and white, white and gold, or pink and rose gold. They also offer a unique combination of white, purple and navy blue for only $44.98. Visit DWS today to select your size and favorite design!

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  1. 520 V7 Running Men’s Shoe

Have the ultimate workout sessions in this incredible pair of New Balance running shoes! It has mesh uppers for breathability, foam footbeds for comfort, and strong rubber soles for durability and support. Visit DWS today to select your size and choose among the black and white, grey and red, or dark blue for as low as $59.99. You may also choose the super suave black and white design for only $64.99. 

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  1. Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS

This GPS activity tracker watch allows you to measure your workouts, monitor your heart rate, and sync with your phone so you may enjoy your motivational playlist and keep in contact with loved ones. Additionally, this Apple watch includes a durable Apple sport band and comes in a strong aluminum case. Furthermore, it features water-resistance up to 50m, making it suitable to engage in swim workout sessions. Visit Walmart today to purchase it for as low as $169. 

  1. Fitbit Aria Air Global Scale

Not only will this smart scale help to keep track of your weight goals, but you will also be able to identify how different activities and nutrition impact your goals. Simply sync your scale with your devices such as your smart phone, and track your weight progress in easy-to-read charts on the Fitbit app. Furthermore, it works alongside your Fitbit watches and trackers and can supports multiple users with different data all at once. Visit Walmart today to purchase your white or black Fitbit scale for only $39.95.

  1. Spawn Fitness Resistance Bands Set of 3

Do you want a stronger and more toned lower half? This set of workout bands will surely accelerate your results. Each band has a different level of difficulty, and are made from skin-friendly fabric to provide a steady and comfortable grip. They are also extremely durable and can manage just about any exercise you do. Visit Walmart, and have your pick between the black- grey- white combo, and the pink- green- blue combo; for only $18.95.

  1. BPA Free Reusable Water Bottle with Time Marker

These beautifully designed bottles help you to stay hydrated and rejuvenated, by tracking the amount of water and other nutritious beverages you drink daily. Additionally, this 30 oz. bottle motivates you to finish your drink and even reminds you to refill. For as low as $14.99 to $41.40, you can have your pick among the 15 unique designs available. Whatever your gender, age, or daily water intake goals, Walmart has got the perfect bottle for you.

  1. Workout Ready Women’s Sports Bra

The perfect workout session needs the perfect attire. With a comfortable fit, moisture wicking material, and fabulous design, this Reebok sports bra will keep you looking and feeling fantastic while you exercise. Sizes range from XS to XXL, and you can purchase this lovely black and white design today for only $30. Go on down to DWS to get this or one of the many other amazing sports bras available. 

  1. Seamless Women’s Leggings

Not only do these high-waisted leggings provide a flattering asthetic, but they also contain moisture-wicking and compression technology; to keep you dry while improving your blood circulation. It also features high elasticity that allows you to stretch and release muscle fatigue, as your skin breathes through the soft comfortable material. DWS offers both black and dusty purple, so grab your desired pair today for only $29.99.

  1. Essentials Id Fleece Men’s Pants

The ultimate fitness pants are here! These super soft fleece pants from New Balance provide maximum comfort for anyone looking to be active. Also, the logo accents along the inseam, and the 3 pockets makes it both fashionable and functional. Additionally, DWS has 6 sizes available, from xs to 2xl; along with 2 eye-catching colors to choose from; black and blue. Grab your desired pair today for as little as $65! 

  1. Workout Ready Men’s Performance Hoodie

Perform at your best in this Ready Performance Hoodie by Reebok. The speedwick technology and back mesh panels keeps you cool and action ready at all times. Additionally, its three-piece hood design lets you carry out any activity without distraction, so you can stay more focused when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Sizes range from medium to 3 XL for only $65, so visit DWS today to grab your very own!