5 Adorable Last Minute Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Halloween is now only 3 days away!  Although it’s definitely going to be a different Halloween than usual, I still love to decorate the house a little.  Over the years I’ve always done more traditional decorating like carving pumpkins and so forth, but this year I thought I would explore some other options for decorating our pumpkins that are a bit more chic 🙂

Nail Polish Pumpkins

Have some old nail polish laying around at home?  Use it up with this decorating trick!  I found this idea at Color Me Happy.  Such a cute and chic way to decorate your pumpkins!  It’s very easy and quick and you likely have all the items you require at home ready to use.

Tack Pumpkins

This video uses foam pumpkins but I actually used real pumpkins and it worked just great!  All you need is gold spray paint and thumb tacks.  Do a few different sizes for effect.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

This is also a cute idea but require a bit more work.  For this idea you’ll need to paint your pumpkin(s) white.  Then you’ll need to find some crayons laying around and use either a glue gun or super glue to attached each crayon at the top of the pumpkin.  Such a colorful way to decorate for Halloween!

Lace Pumpkins

This is probably the easiest way of decorating your pumpkins!  All you need are some cute lace tights (get them at the dollar store) and a few tacks.  

Leaf Pumpkin

This method of pumpkin decorating is by far the most work, but still fairly easy to do.  All you need are some different colored leaves as well as some Mod Podge and a brush.