5 DIY Placeholder Ideas for Thanksgiving

It’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving!  Although it might be a bit quieter this year with everything going on, I’m still going to do my usual traditions of making some DIY decorations to put on my table.  Here are my favorite five that I’ve found this year!

Gold Dipped Leaves

This is a super easy and adorable way to do your placeholders.  You just need to collect some intact leaves from your yard, and pick up some gold paint and a white marker from a craft store.  Simply paint the tips of the leaves and write the names of your guests with the white marker!  Thanks to Tara Teaspoon for this great idea.


Here’s another very easy one!  All you need are some different shaped pinecones and a piece of paper to wrote your guests name on that you will place in the cracks of the pinecone.  Shout out to Apartment Therapy for this one!

Mini Pumpkins

This one requires a little bit more effort, but the outcome is totally worth it!  You just need to pick up some mini pumpkins – one for each guest.  Then apply glue to about the middle of the pumpkin all the way to bottom, you can use any kind of glue you want.  Then dip the pumpkin in sparkles.  You can use white, gold, silver, any color you want!  Now cut white paper rectangles that you will use to write the names of your guests on.  Then you can simply cut a slit in the pumpkin stem and, using a little glue, put the paper in that slit.

Stacked Leaves

Here’s another easy one for you!  All you need to do are gather up different colored and sized leaves from around your home, and what you want to do is start with the largest leaf and then add smaller and different sized leaves on top of that.  Once you are done stacking your leaves, you then just need to write the name of your guest on a small white rectangle piece of paper.  Then, take a hole puncher (or use another tool) to make a hold in the bottom of the leaves, and string through ribbon to hold the name card on top of all the leaves you just stacked.  Tie a little bow in the ribbon to hold in place, and done!  Thanks to Skip to My Lou for this idea!

Rosemary Sprig

And finally, my favorite just because of how AMAZING it smells – the classic white placeholder card with a sprig of rosemary attached.  All you need are white rectangles, preferably thicker card stock, a hole punch, and a sprig of rosemary for each guest.  Simply wrote your guests name on the paper, punch the hole in the top left, and poke the end of the sprig through the hole!  Thank you to Tara Teaspoon again for this idea!