5 Apps That Promise to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

On average, it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour from the time I get into bed to the time I actually fall asleep.  Sometimes longer.  My brain will just not turn off.  I’ll be thinking of things I didn’t do that day that I should have, what I need to do the following day, and sometimes I start stressing about how I acted in a situation 15 years ago!  lol  I’ve seen enough memes online to know that I’m not alone, so I started looking at different ways that I could try and fall asleep faster and I discovered that there is a whole world of applications out there designed specifically for this reason!  Check out these favorite five of mine.


This is probably the most popular “sleep” application out there.  I’ve tried it and it is definitely great.  You can download the app for free and get a  7-day free trial to test it out and see how you like it, but once those 7 days are up and you want to continue using it, you will then have to pay.  They have an annual subscription option that is $69.99 per year or you can actually pay $399.99 and you’ll get access to the app literally forever.  Check out more info here.  


Headspace is a close second in terms of popularity and is gaining popularity very quickly. Headspace offers tools to not just help you fall asleep, but also to help you wake up in the morning.  They offer sleep sounds and sleep casts, which is like an adult bedtime story.  They are a little less than an hour long and are told with a calming voice which you can adjust as well.  Headspace is currently offering one free year for those who are unemployed, you can find out more about that here.  They also have a 2-week trial for you to test out their app.  Their costs are $12.99 per month, or $69.99 per year.  Sign up for a free trial here.  


Pzizz is an app that focuses not only on helping you fall asleep at night, but also helps you to have a power nap during the day!  Pizizz is a little different than the previous two apps, in that it utilizes psychoacoustic principles to create sounds that have been proven to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.  You can set timers to turn off the sound after a certain period of time, it can be used offline if you don’t have an internet connection, and it’s technology will “learn” what kinds of sounds you prefer and will suggestion similar ones based on your preferences.  The app is free to download and will give you some base content to use for free, but if you want access to their entire library, you can pay $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year.  Learn more about Pzizz here.  


Noisli is exactly what you think it is – noises!  Noisli is an app that allows you to choose your own sounds and create mixes that you personally enjoy.  You can create mixes for sleep, working, relaxation, and more.  This is a great app if you feel like none of the other sleep apps for you, but here you can literally create a totally unique experience for yourself.  Noisli gives the most on their free version compared to the other apps listed here.  On their free version you have access to 16 (of the 28) sounds, 1/5 hours per day of streaming, 3 curated playlists, and a timer.  Their paid version is $10.00 per month and offers access to all 28 of their sounds, unlimited streaming, 10 curated playlists, advanced timer, oscillation, and shuffle.  Learn more here.  

Relax Melodies

This app also has a good free version and offers bedtime stories and sounds to fall asleep to.  They also offer sleep hypnosis tools (on their paid version) which help people to fall asleep faster and much deeper.  Their paid version is $9.99 per month.  Find out more info here.