Getting the Best Prices on Amazon.com

We order something from Amazon every 2-3 days.  Whether it’s dish soap, socks, or groceries, we love how fast we can get the item from them.

We don’t have time to monitor each product we want to buy to see if the price changes, so we don’t have much other choice than to just purchase it.  However, we have recently found a tool called Keepa!  Keepa is a tool that many shoppers use to monitor the prices of products on Amazon.com.  The application will tell you how often the price of a product increases/decreases, when that happens, and it will alert you to when a price drop occurs.

This application is great for those big ticket items that you aren’t in a major rush to purchase.  You can download Keepa.com, add the product that you want to monitor the price of, and they will alert you when that price drops.  They offer a browser extension to easily add the product to your Wish List and also give you an idea of how low the price of that product has been with detailed pricing graphs.

Keepa.com Deals Page

They also have a page on their website called Deals, which is a page of the top price drops on Amazon.  You can see in the image to the right a pair of boots that have an average price of $71.33, but are now available for $17.02. 

Now, if you hover over the product image, you can see a graph showing the price changes over the last 365 days.  This will give you an idea if the price you now see if a good deal, or if you should wait to get a better price.