Companies Offering Free Services Or Waived Fees During COVID-19

With so much uncertainty going on during this time, many companies are taking the opportunity to step up and give their customers a hand to alleviate stress.  The following companies are offering their services either for free or waiving their fees due to the current situation with the quarantine.

Fitness Companies

Peleton – the fitness company is offering consumers  a 90-day free trial for it’s in-app workouts.  And great news – you do not need to own any of their equipment to do these workouts.   Their in-app workouts include yoga, HIIT, and more.

Planet Fitness – Planet Fitness is obviously discounting their customers for the time that their gyms are closed during quarantine, and they are also offering free at-home workouts for everyone.  You can do the classes live or do them later as they will also be recorded.

Food & Delivery Services

Zoom Video – Zoom has become a super popular tool for people to keep in touch  during this quarantine, and I have to say, I’ve seen some hilarious videos thanks to them!  They are helping students out by offering free video conferences for schools to be able to keep teaching students.

Starbucks – If you are a frontline responder, you can get a FREE tall hot or iced brewed coffee now through May 3rd.

CVS & Walgreens They are offering free delivery on all prescriptions so that people don’t have to worry about going to the pharmacy.

Uber Eats Waiving delivery fees on all orders made during quarantine.

Credit Cards

American Express – They will waive two months of payments without interest or penalty fees.  Only drawback is that you will not be able to use that credit card or the points you’ve earned until you “opt-out” of this delayed payment program.

Chase – They allow you to delay up to three of your payments without having to pay interest or late fees once you enroll in their late payment program.


United Airlines – Allowing customers to change or cancel their flights without cancellation or change fees if you booked on or before March 2nd, and you are flying between March 3, 2020 – May 30, 2020.

Delta Airlines – Allowing customers to change their flights without fees if your travel is booked between March, 2020 and September, 2020.

American Airlines – Allowing customers to change their flights without change fees if you are scheduled to travel between March, 2020 and September, 2020.