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Working out can be a daunting task, why not make it a bit more fun with these workout items for both him and her. From getting a new pair of fitness tights to getting a watch to motivate you, these items will be sure to get you in the workout spirit…or close to it ;).

Women’s Yoga Pants – $24.99

These gorgeous power flex yoga pants are available in many different colors and come with raving reviews on Amazon. They have pockets on both sides (perfect for holding your phone!) and are high waist for a slimming look.

Men’s Zip Joggers – $24.99

These slim, tapered men’s jogging pants are perfect for the gym. They come in five different colors and are very breathable for any type of workout. They have zippers at the end of each pant leg for you to loosen if needed, and have a draw string adjustable waist.

Water Bottle with Time Marker – $19.95

Having trouble with remembering to drink enough water each day? No better way to solve that problem than with a water bottle with a time marker! This water bottle will tell you the amount of water you should be drinking by each hour throughout the day!

Apple Watch Series 5 – $414.99

This is definitely the one thing that motivated us when it came to fitness…spending almost $500 on a fitness watch will apparently really push you to workout! I wear this to the gym every time I go, and if I happen to not have it or if it dies, it’s like my workout didn’t count.

Adidas Gym Bag – $19.99

Having a gym bag is essential to keeping a good fitness routine going. A gym bag allows you to keep all your gym equipment in one place, and it’s ready to go as soon as you are. We love this bag by Adidas because it’s fairly affordable and it comes in a TON of different color combinations.