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Being able to work from home is awesome! It allows you to skip having to deal with any traffic, be comfortable in your own space, and not have to worry about putting on dressy clothes :). If you work from your home office for more than four hours each day, you definitely want to ensure you have a good ergonomically (but cute) office chair. Check out these top three home office chairs we’ve found for you.

SmugDesk Ergonomic Chair

This chair is mesh for breathability, it has a head rest, and offers flexible adjustments in all areas to custom fit to you. It’s very affordable at just $94.99, and has amazing reviews with almost a 5-star rating.

Ovios Ergonomic Office Chair

This is our personal favorite because it combines ergonomic with chic design. It offers tilt as well as a ribbed back, and it’s also available in two colors. This chair is now available for $179.99 from Amazon.

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller is known for their high quality office chairs around the world. They are definitely on the higher end in terms of price, but their chairs are extremely good quality and should last a life time. We love this chair because it’s ergonomically and yet it’s also very visually appealing with a super cool design. It’s available for $560.00 now on Amazon.

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