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Vitamin C Serum

Everyone is talking about vitamin C serum and how important it is for us to use it in our skincare routine…but why? Vitamin C serum is one of the BEST anti-aging products you can use in your skincare routine. It helps to keep your skin hydrated, it protects your skin during the day against radicals, it helps to reduce redness, and it promotes collagen production. We recommend this serum for just $22.97 by SDARA Skincare.

Facial Roller

We’re sure you’ve seen this item everywhere as it’s been pretty popular in the last year or so. A jade or rose quartz facial roller is a good tool for skincare junkies to have for two reasons…number one being that it deputes you. If you wake up, feeling a little puffy and looking tired, it’s great to help with puffiness. For more longer-term benefits, a facial roller is great for increasing blood flow and circulation in the facial area, which in turn improves skin tone and texture. It also helps to flush the body of toxins and helps smooth out wrinkles. We love this rose quartz facial roller SDARA Skincare that costs $18.97.

Kate Somerville Eradikate Acne Spot Treatment

This product is ABSOLUTELY amazing. If you suffer from the occasional pimple or two, we highly recommend this product. You just use a Q-tip, dip it in the solution, and dab it on your pimple. It will dry that baby right up! It’s available on Amazon for $26.00.

Derma Roller

These are still catching on, but are a great skincare tool nonetheless. This tool is a roller that has a bunch of tiny little needles – they don’t actually penetrate your skin like a needle does, but more like a microdermasion for your skin. If used properly, this tool can really improve acne scarring. The key is to find the right routine for your skin, whether that means using the tool daily, every second day, or weekly, will determine whether or not this tool is right for you. We loved the SDARA Skincare Derma Roller that is $22.96.